Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry
Test Name:
Test Code: PRIM
Clinical Information:
Test performed at:  Samples sent to In Common Lab for testing by enzyme immuno assay.

Primidone is mainly metabolized to phenobarbital which also has anticonvulsant activity.  Phenobarbital is automatically assayed and reported when primidone is ordered. 
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Collection Devices:
Do not use separator gel.
Specimen Required:
Serum: 0.5 mL
Reference Values:
Therapeutic:           5-12 mg/L
Toxic:                      >15 mg/L

For phenobarbital
Therapeutic:           15-30 mg/L
Toxic:                      > 40 mg/L                    (mg/L = μg/mL)    μg/mL = (μmole/L)/4.58
Within 4 Days
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Serum Tube(s), NO GEL - Full Tube Collection
Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson

Catalogue #: 366430