Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry  (METABOLIC)
Test Name:
Test Code: FAP
Clinical Information:
Test Indications: This test is used for:
- Evaluating the nutritional intake and intestinal absorption of essential fatty acids.
- Identifying deficiency of essential and other nutritionally beneficial fatty acids.
- Monitoring treatment of patients with essential fatty acid deficiencies who are receiving linoleic acid (C18:2w6) and alpha-linolenic acid (C18:3w3).
* Patient's age is required. Include information regarding treatment, family history and tentative diagnosis.
Restricted to: Manitoba Home Nutrition Program. Other requests need an approval - click here for Biochemistry Approval for Test Referral (F260-11-02). 
Method: Gaz Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) Stable Isotope Dilution Analysis
Test performed: by Mayo Clinic Laboratories
For questions/information: Call Metabolic Lab at 204-787-4530 and ask for the Biochemical Geneticist.  

Patient Preparation Instructions:  
1) For nutritional assessment, patient should fast overnight (12-14 hours); for patients with a suspected fatty acid oxidation disorder, collect prior to next feeding as fasting is contraindicated.
In the case of a patient on total parenteral nutrition (TPN), specimen can be collected as normal.
2) Patient must not consume any alcohol for 24 hours before the specimen is collected.
Collection Devices:
Sodium Heparin, Lavender EDTA, Red top tube are also accepted.
Specimen Required:

Serum: 0.5 mL
Pediatric Serum: 0.5 mL

Pediatric: 0.5 mL (minimum 0.15 mL)
Centrifuge and aliquot into plastic vial. Store and keep frozen.
Stability: see below

Centrifuge and aliquot into plastic vial. Store and send sample frozen to Metabolic Lab (HSC).
Send the requisition (or a clear copy) with the sample.
 Stability: see below.     
Reference Values:
An interpretative report will be sent.
Within 2 Weeks
Available to Manitoba Home Nutrition Program Staff. Other requests need chemist approval.
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More Information:
If you have any questions, please communicate with the Metabolic Lab (HSC): 204-787-4530
Reject due to: gross lipemia
Frozen: 92 days
Refrigerated: 72 hours
Store and ship to:Mayo Clinic Lab
Test ID:
serum FAPEP
plasma: PFAPEP
CPT code: 82542