Laboratory: Cytology
Test Name:
Test Code: NGCY
Clinical Information:

Do Not make slides.   


Cleanse the nipple area. Gently apply pressure around the area. Collect as much discharge as possible.
Place into a CytoLyt Collection Cup.
NOTE: CytoLyt should not come in contact with the patient. A spatula can be used to collect the discharge. Agitate the spatula immediately in the CytoLyt Collection cup to release all material collected. More than one spatula may need to be used.
If discharge is from both nipples each nipple discharge requires a separate CytoLyt container and a separate Cytology requisition. Label each specimen container accordingly (ie. Left nipple discharge or Right nipple discharge)
Include all pertinent clinical information.
Transport specimen to lab immediately.
Refrigerate specimen if there is any delay.
Collection Devices:
Preferred Device:
1 - CytoLyt Collection Cup  - and Disposable Spatula

(Warning:  CytoLyt should never come in contact with the patient)

Specimen Required:

Few drops (as much as possible) of Nipple Discharge - See Comments.

Reference Values:

A descriptive report will be issued

0800-160 HSC; 0800-1600 SBH; 0800-1615 WL
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More Information:
All specimens must be properly labeled with appropriate patient identification. All specimens must be accompanied by a fully completed Non-Gynecological Cytology requisition. Pertinent information including patient demographics, clinical history, physician’s name, and specimen type is required as per DSM Specimen Acceptance Policy 10-50-03. See also Cytology specific requirements within policy.