Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry
Test Name:
Test Code: POU
Clinical Information:
Urinary excretion of phosphate varies greatly with intake.
88% of the phosphorous contained in the body is localized in bone in the mineral form hydroxyapatite. The remainder is involved in carbohydrate metabolism or as a constituent of phospholipids, nucleic acids and ATP. Phosphate determination is useful in the diagnosis and management of a variety of disorders including bone, parathyroid and renal disease.
Collection Devices:
Collect 24h urine without preservative. Refrigerate 24h and random urine specimens until analysis.
Similar lab approved leak-proof containers acceptable.
Specimen Required:
Urine: 3.0 mL
Pediatric Urine: 3.0 mL
Reference Values:
13-42 mmol/d                (mmol/d x 0.031 = g/d)
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More Information:
If random urine, specify.
If 24h urine, measure and record volume.  Refrigerate 24h and random urine specimens until analysis.
Urine Collection Container - 24 h
Manufacturer: VWR Scientific Products/Simport Plastics

Catalogue #: CA73960-110