Laboratory: Cytology  (POC (Point of Care) TEST)
Test Name:
Test Code: GCYT
Clinical Information:
Label the vial with the patient’s first name, last name and PHIN.
Ensure detachable head of sampling device is sent within the collection vial.
Ensure collection vial is not expired.
Include all pertinent clinical information including the last menstrual period.
To order supplies contact Stevens at Tel: 204-885-9440 Toll-free: 1-800-665-0368.
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required: Cervical, vaginal or vault scrapings.  A satisfactory specimen should be sent including transformation zone.
Reference Values:
A descriptive report will be issued.
0800 - 1630 HSC; 0800 - 1600 SBH; 0800-1615 WL
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More Information:
All specimens must be properly labeled with appropriate patient identification.  All specimens must be accompanied by a fully completed Cytology requisition.  Pertinent information including patient demographics, clinical history, physician’s name and specimen type is required as per DSM Specimen Acceptance Policy 10-50-03.  See also Cytology specific requirements within this policy.
BD SurePath Collection Vial
Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson

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