Laboratory: Genomics  (MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS)
Test Name:
Test Code: MD
Clinical Information:
Test Indications
1. Requests for query aplastic anemia diagnosed at 50 years and under.   

Please refer to aplastic anemia comprehensive analysis LIM list of complementary diagnostic testing.  
2. Requests for suspected inherited bone marrow failure syndrome. Please contact Genomics Laboratory GC at 204-787-4033 or for approval.
Testing is referred out to BluePrint Genetics.
Ordering is restricted to hematologists and clinical geneticists.

Recommendations: Please include all the relevant patient clinical history, disease course and family history in the relevant sections of the specified requisition. This information is required by the referred out laboratory for test interpretation.

Bone marrow failure genetic testing panel information (test code HE0801)
Collection Devices:
See adult & pediatric volume requirements.
Specimen Required:

Adult: Whole Blood 5-10mL (2  tubes EDTA)
Pediatric: Whole Blood  2-6mL (1-2 tubes EDTA)
Reference Values:
An interpretive report from the reference laboratory will be forwarded to the physician.
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More Information:
Blood samples should NOT be centrifuged or used for any other testing (i.e. CBC). Samples must be kept at room temperature and transported promptly to Health Sciences Centre Central Services, MS551-820 Sherbrook St.
EDTA 4 mL NO GEL Tube(s) - Full Tube Collection
Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson & Company

Catalogue #: 367861