Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry
Test Name:
Test Code: PGFR
Clinical Information:
For pediatric patients only.  Please note:
1.  This Schwartz formula (eGFR= 36.51* {ht (in cm)/SCr (in μmol/L)}), is an estimating equation only.  Results are accurate within 30% of measured GFR 80% of the time.
2.  This formula has been validated in children 1-16 years of age only, therefore outside of this range clinical correlation is required.
3.  Children with an eGFR of < 90mL/min/1.73m2 may have kidney disease.  Repeat testing is recommended.
4.  If eGFR < 30mL/min/1.73m2 , page Pediatric Nephrologist on call, via HSC Paging 787-2071.
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required: Can be ordered for pediatric patients (< 18 years of age) when a plasma creatinine is performed using a Roche enzymatic assay (WRHA sites).  Must write test code on requisition and patient height in cm.  Test cannot be performed if height is not provided.
Reference Values:
Normal ≥ 90mL/min/1.732
The LIS will calculate the Schwartz eGFR.  Requires the patient's age, plasma creatinine and height in cm.
Stat or Routine
Only available for pediatric patients (less than 18 years of age).
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