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Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry
Test Name:
Test Code: MIS8
Clinical Information:
This test is generally performed after finding a low estriol on the maternal serum screening program.  The urine test is useful to screen for possible SLOS (Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome) in the fetus, or STSD (Steroid Sulfatase deficiency).
For further information see:  Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:
Urine: 5.0 mL

Store and ship frozen in a plastic screw cap vial to HSC Chemistry for referral to Quest Diagnostics.
Reference Values:
Test values, reference ranges and diagnostic ratios will accompany interpretation on report.
Within 2 Weeks
By prior arrangement only. The Quest Diagnostics SLO STS clinical information form must accompany the urine specimen.
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More Information:
1.  Fax completed SLO_STS Clinical Information Summary to Quest to advise them that the sample is being shipped.
2.  Ship frozen samples ASAP to:
Quest Diagnostics,
Nichols Institute
33608 Ortega Highway
San Juan Capistrano, CA  92690-6130
Phone:  1-800-642-4657  x 7858 (Biochemical Genetics)
Fax:  1-949-728-4728