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Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry
Test Name:
Test Code: GLC
Clinical Information:
Spinal fluid glucose concentration is about two-thirds that of serum.  Approximately 2-4 h are required for the spinal fluid glucose to reflect any change in serum glucose.  Samples must be placed on ice and transported to the lab immediately.
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:
Cerebrospinal Fluid: 0.5 mL
Pediatric Cerebrospinal Fluid: 0.2 mL

Place the sample ON ICE and send immediately to Biochemistry Lab.  If more than one vial is collected, send VIAL # 1 to Biochemistry.

Spin, freeze supernatant.
Reference Values:
2.3-4.7 mmol/L                (mmol/L x 18 = mg/dL)
Stat or Routine
See Also:
More Information:
The test should be treated as Stat because the values can falsely decrease due to bacterial action.