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Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry  (AUTOMATED)
Test Name:
Test Code: LAC
Clinical Information:
Test Indications:  This test is used for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with lactic acidosis or sepsis.
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required: Collect full tube(s) of blood to applicable fill line.
Plasma:  2.0 mL
Pediatric Plasma:  0.2 mL (applies to microtainer collection)
1. Collect blood without using tourniquet. While avoiding the use of a tourniquet during phlebotomy is recommended, samples that are collected after elastic tourniquet application for ≤ 1 minute are also acceptable.
2. For Capillary Collections - 1 Na Fluoride Disodium EDTA microtainer tube - (600 uL) from the Biochemistry Lab. 

Specimen Stability:

Ambient: 8 hours

Refrigerated: 14 days 


Remove plasma from cells promptly and freeze.
Reference Values:
Venous:           0.55-2.2 mmol/L
Stat or Routine
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