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Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry
Test Name:
Test Code: MISC
Clinical Information:
Voriconazole metabolism may be altered by co-administration of drugs that metabolically induce or inhibit CYP2C19 or by genetic polymorphisms that affect enzyme activity.
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:

Serum: 2.0 mL

Draw blood in a plain red top tube.  Serum gel tube is not acceptable.  Store and ship frozen.
Reference Values:
Therapeutic concentration (trough):  1.0 - 5.5 mg/L
Trough Levels > 6 mg/L (and especially > 10 mg/L) are associated with toxicity.
Trough Levels < 1 mg/L have been associated with suboptimal response.
Within 1 Week
Mayo Medical Laboratories performs test at 11am Monday through Friday. Analytic time is 2 days. TAT also depends on dates for shipping.
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More Information:
Centrifuge and transfer 2mL serum into plastic shipping vial.  Store and ship frozen.  Analysis performed at Mayo Medical Laboratories.  Unit Code:  88698