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Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry
Test Name:
LIPASE, WRHA & Westman Lab (ROCHE) - (P)
Test Code: LIP
Clinical Information:
Lipases are enzymes which catalyze the cleavage of triglycerides to form monoglycerides and fatty acids. Pancreatic lipase activity determination is highly specific for the diagnosis of diseases of the pancreas. After acute pancreatitis the lipase activity increases within 4-8 hours, reaches a peak at 24 hours and decreases after 8 to 14 days. There is no correlation between the lipase activity in serum and the extent of damage to the pancreas. Serial monitoring of lipase activity after diagnosis is not recommended. Integr Mol Med 2015, 2 (3): 189 - 195

The American College of Gastroenterology recommendation for the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis is the presence of 2 of the following three criteria:
1) Abdominal pain consistent with the disease
2) Serum lipase greater than three times the upper limit of normal and/or
3) Characteristic findings from abdominal imaging
American Journal of Gastroenterology September 2013, 108:1400 - 1415
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:

Plasma: 2.0 mL

Stability 7 days refrigerated, 2 months frozen
Serum: 2.0 mL

Samples must be transferred to an aliquot tube and stored frozen if analysis will not be complete within 48 hours (#110-10-05 Serum / Plasma Separation Procedure & Transport)
Reference Values:
< 60 U/L
Note: Reference ranges are specific to instrumentation/site where testing performed. For testing performed at different sites (other than WRHA & Westman Labs), please refer to the appropriate Lab Information Manual (LIM) entry.
Stat or Routine
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