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Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry  (POC (Point of Care) TEST)
Test Name:
Test Code: ILCA
Clinical Information:
Only available in rural Manitoba.  For WRHA and Westman Lab see Lactate - (P)
State whether the sample is venous or arterial.
Collection Devices:
or Arterial Puncture: with blood gas syringe with heparin; minimum volume 1mL
or Skin Puncture: lancet and capillary collection tube (plain or with heparin) to fill line
Specimen Required: 1. Collect full tube(s) of blood; no parital draws.
2. Collect blood without using tourniquet if possible; if tourniquet is used, do not leave on longer than 1 minute.
3. Do not place samples on ice after collection.
4. For capillary collections: notify laboratory/respiratory for collection

Only available at sites which perform iStat testing onsite.
Reference Values:
Venous:  0.90 - 1.70 mmol/L

Arterial:   0.36 - 1.25
Note:  Reference ranges are specific to the Abbott iStat (POC instrument)
Turn Around Time (TAT): < 60 minutes
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More Information:
Testing is performed on whole blood samples only and should be performed immediately after collection as lactate increases by as much as 70% within 30 minutes at 25°C as a result of glycolysis.
Substance Concentration Producing Interference Maximum Expected In Vivo
Bromide 25 mmol/L Decrease (-) lactate by 40%
Cysteine 6.4 mmol/L Decrease (-) lactate by 11%
Hydroxyurea 100 μmol/L Increase (+) lactate 0.16 mmol/L
Glycolic Acid 10 mmol/L Increase (+) lactate by approx. 1.96 mmol/L from an initial Lactate concentration of 1.45 mmol/L