Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry  (TOXICOLOGY)
Test Name:
Test Code: THIO
Clinical Information:
Test performed at:  samples sent to Mayo Laboratory for testing by Spectrophotometry
Nitroprusside is metabolized to thiocyanate.  It is measured to monitor nitroprusside therapy.
Collection Devices:
Preferred Device:
Alternate Device:
1 - Serum Tube(s), NO GEL - Full Tube Collection
Do not use separator gel.
Specimen Required:
Serum: 2.0 mL
Pediatric Serum: 0.5 mL

Plasma: 2.0 mL
Pediatric Plasma: 0.5 mL

Serum collected without gel is also acceptable.
Reference Values:
Toxic Thiocyanate concentration: greater than 10 mg/dL
Within 10 Days
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More Information:
Separate Plasma or serum and refrigerate.