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Laboratory: Genomics  (MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS)
Test Name:
Heme-Onc NGS Sequence/fusion panel for myeloid neoplasms - (BM) (B)
Test Code: HMD
Clinical Information:
Test Indications: Evaluation of hematologic neoplasms of myeloid origin at the time of diagnosis or possibly disease relapse, to help determine the diagnosis and/ or provide prognostic or therapeutic information for optimal clinical management.  This is an out-of-center test, processed by the Shared Health Genomics laboratory. Testing is restricted to clinical hematologists

For proper routing and reporting of this test, the following two requisitions must be completed:
1. Molecular Hematopathology Test Requisition (R250-10-29)
2. London Health Sciences Centre Molecular Genetics Requisition 
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:
Blood: 2.0 mL

Adult: Bone Marrow Volume: 2.0 mL 

Do NOT centrifuge.  Store and ship specimens at room temperature.  Specimens are not to be used for other tests (i.e. CBC). Samples requiring DNA and RNA extraction must be less than 3 days old on arrival to the referral lab or they will be deemed inadequate.
Reference Values:
A descriptive report will be sent.
Weekdays (Mon to Wed)
No collections on Thursday and Fridays due to sample shipping and receiving restrictions
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