Laboratory: Genomics
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Test Code: N/A
Clinical Information:
Test Indications: Patients with aplastic anemia diagnosed at 50 years old and under may require a combination of three diagnostic tests, performed by three different referral laboratories.  Testing should be completed prior to bone marrow transplant.
To ensure correct test ordering, please ensure all samples and documentation are completed as per the three reference LIM entries listed below:
1- Bone Marrow Failure Genetic Testing Panel
2- Telomere Length Measurement
3- Chromosome Breakage studies - Fanconi Anemia (oncology)
Ordering is restricted to pediatric hematologists or adult hematologists if the patient is diagnosed at 50 years and under.
For assistance or questions, please contact Genomics Laboratory Genetic Counselor at 204-787-4033 or

Recommendations: Please refer to each LIM entry for specific instructions for each test request.  Incomplete requisitions or incorrect sample types and volumes will delay testing.
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:

See test-specific LIM entry.
Comments: Blood samples should NOT be centrifuged or used for any other testing (i.e. CBC). Samples must be kept at room temperature and transported promptly to Health Sciences Centre Central Services, MS551-820 Sherbrook St.
Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday preferred. Thursday possible with prior coordination with laboratory staff. Friday, Saturday, Sunday samples will be rejected and require recollection for Telomere Length measurement and chromosome breakage analysis.
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Weekdays (Mon to Thurs)
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