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Laboratory: Transfusion Medicine
Test Name:
Test Code: None
Clinical Information:

Test available by consultation only with CBS Platelet Immunology Lab.
Call the Platelet Immunology Laboratory at (204) 789-1152.


For visual reference ONLY - to view sample CBS Requisition PI100 "Platelet Immunology" Form, see

Collection Devices:

Refer to "Specimen Labeling Requirements for CBS Tests"

Specimen Required:
Blood: 9.0 mL

Add 5 x 5 mL EDTA Tubes (if no HLA typing on file). ............................Pediatric volume required is 1 - 5 mL

Reference Values:

A descriptive report will be sent.

Weekdays (Only on consult with CBS)
See Also:
More Information:

Send specimen to Blood Bank for delivery to CBS Platelet Immunology Laboratory.  Deliver to lab preferably within 24 hours.  Store SST tube in fridge.