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Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry  (METABOLIC)
Test Name:
Test Code: NAGS
Clinical Information:
Test Indications: This test is used for the carrier detection and diagnosis of Tay-Sachs or Sandhoff disease.
This test IS NOT USEFUL FOR PREGNANT FEMALES or those treated with hormonal contraception. See HEXOSAMINIDASE A (WBC).
GM2 activator deficiency is not detected with this assay.
Method: Heat inactivation, Fluorometric
Test performed: Mayo Clinic Laboratories
For questions/information: Call Metabolic Lab at 204-787-4530 and ask for the Biochemical Geneticist.  
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:
Serum: 1.0 mL
Pediatric Serum: 0.5 mL

Aliquot store and keep serum frozen
Stability: see below

Send the requisition (or a clear copy) with the sample.
Aliquot, store and ship serum  frozen at Metabolic Lab (HSC).
Stability: see below.    
Reference Values:
Provided with report
Within 3 Weeks
See Also:
More Information:
If you have any questions, please communicate with the Metabolic Lab (HSC): 204-787-4530
Reject due to:
Gross icterus
Sample too old
Pregnancy or oral contraception
Frozen: 30 days
Refrigerated: 7 days
Store and ship to: Mayo
CPT code: 83080 x 2