Laboratory: Hematology
Test Name:
Test Code: ESR
Clinical Information:
Collection Devices:
Preferred Device:
1 - EDTA 4 mL NO GEL Tube(s) - Full Tube Collection  - EDTA tubes greater than 4 mL will be rejected.
Specimen Required:
Blood: 4.0 mL
Pediatric Blood: 2.0 mL
Whole Blood: 4.0 mL
Pediatric Whole Blood: 2.0 mL

Testing only performed at HSC and WL labs.
Transport sample on wet ice. 
Sample will not be processed if sample received > 36 hrs after collection at refrigerated temperatures (2 - 8°C)
Sample will not be processed if sample received > 24 hrs after collection at room temperature (18 - 25°C).
Samples cannot be frozen.
Reference Values:
Male:            0 - 15   mm/h 
Female:       0 - 20  mm/h
Pediatric (M/F):
0 - 17 yr       0 - 10   mm/h
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More Information:
ESR should not be used as a decision factor in emergency settings.
ESR should not be ordered as a screen test in asymptomatic individuals.
Current indications:
- As a diagnostic aid and during follow up of temporal activity and polymyalgia rheumatica
- As an indicator of activity in rheumatoid arthritis and systemic rheumatic disorders
- Monitoring of certain infections such as osteomyelitis, tuberculosis
- Work up of replaced joint infections
Please see the following Clinical Practice Changes regarding ESR testing: