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Laboratory: Clinical Immunology
Test Name:
Test Code: None
Clinical Information:
The Transplant Immunology Laboratory performs HLA antibody screening first, followed by limited single antigen testing performed on positive screens.  In select cases where detection of weaker reactivity is critical, single antigen testing may be performed without a screen or even if the screen is negative.


HLA Antibody screening may also include cPRA Evaluation.  The calculated PRA utilizes the patient’s HLA antibodies (as determined by single antigen testing) and previous mismatches against Canadian deceased donor HLA antigen frequencies to determine a predicted “virtual” crossmatch percentage directed against the deceased donor population.

Test Indications:

Recipients for solid organ transplant (kidney, lung, heart, pancreas, K/P, other) purposes only. 


HLA Antibody screening is performed on pre and post solid organ transplant recipients on a routine schedule and as requested as defined in the transplant program support agreements.


Pre-transplant HLA antibody screening is one of the factors used to assess a recipient’s alloimmune risk.  Post-transplant HLA antibody screening is used to monitor for donor specific antibodies (DSA) and alert clinicians to possible antibody mediated rejection.

Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:
Serum: 4.0 mL
Pediatric Serum: 2.0 mL

Collection Information: Must be drawn pre-dialysis.

Ambient: 24 hours

Refrigerated: 7 days

Frozen: Suitable for long term storage

Serum: 4.0 mL
Pediatric Serum: 2.0 mL

Shipping & Storage: Ship unspun at room temperature if specimen will arrive in the Transplant Immunology Lab within 24 hours.  If the samples will arrive in the lab >24 hours after collection – separate serum and ship refrigerated, or frozen if greater than 7 days from date of collection.

Testing Laboratory (MB): Health Sciences Centre Transplant Immunology Laboratory

Reference Values:
A descriptive report will be sent.
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More Information:
Send specimen to Blood Bank/CBS Transport system for delivery to Transplant Immunology Lab located in the CBS Building.