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Laboratory: Pathology
Test Name:
Test Code: SURG
Clinical Information:

Weekdays:  0800 - 1700 hrs
For requests after hours or on weekends, contact the on call pathologist or pathology resident.

The Hospitals Act:

Small Surgical Specimens (biopsies): Place tissue into a specimen jar containing 10% neutral buffered formalin.  Use sufficient volume of formalin to achieve a 20:1 ratio (ideally) of formalin to specimen.  If shipping from rural sites, 10:1 ratio if pathology lab is on site or within 24 hours of receipt.
Note: Plastic specimen jar or container should be tamper evident, of suitable size with a wide neck and with tight fitting, leak-proof lid.
Large Surgical Specimens (ie. bowel resections, amputations, etc.): Send fresh specimen to the Pathology Lab as soon as possible or place in the appropriate pathology fridge.  If there is a delay in delivery, the specimen must be kept cold.
After hours or on weekends, deliver specimen to appropriate off-hour pathology receiving area or fridge.  Breast cases (fresh) must be delivered to the pathology lab department as soon as possible to avoid delayed fixation issues.

Transportation to Pathology Referral Sites:
Arrange for transportation to Pathology Referral Site through established courier service.  Transportation instructions for large surgical specimens refer to DSM policy 170-10-08.  Rural Transport of Large Fresh Surgical Samples to Referral DSM Pathology Sites, see 170-10-14.
Internal additional information:  170-10-18
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required: Tissue specimens
Reference Values:
A descriptive report will be issued.
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More Information:
All specimens must be properly labeled with appropriate patient identification.  All specimens must be accompanied by a fully completed Pathology requisition.  Pertinent information including patient demographics, clinical history, physician’s name and specimen type is required as per DSM Specimen Acceptance Policy 10-50-03.