Laboratory: Hematology
Test Name:
Test Code: MAL (Must be registered on a separate ID from BPNM)
Clinical Information:
Relevent travel information/history is to be included on the requisition. 

Test performed at:
Heath Sciences Centre, St. Boniface Hospital, Westman Regional Hematology Lab, Thompson General Hospital, Bethesda Regional Health Centre, Boundary Trails Health Centre and Selkirk Regional Health Centre
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:
Blood: 4.0 mL
Pediatric Blood: 2.0 mL
Reference Values:
See Report
Must be sent STAT to the reference site. The Reference Site will perform the test on a STAT basis, unless otherwise indicated.
See Also:
More Information:
Preliminary morphology screen performed at select rural sites. Alethia DNA kit testing performed at hub sites above. Final parasitemia and speciation is reported at HSC/SBH/Westman Lab when indicated.