Laboratory: Clinical Biochemistry  (SENDOUTS)
Test Name:
Test Code: CHRM
Clinical Information:
Whole blood chromium analysis is used by orthopedic surgery for the assessment of metal on metal implants.
MUST specify "Chromium Whole Blood" on requisition when ordering.  If specimen type is not specified on the requisition, Chromium Plasma will be ordered.
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:
Blood: 6.0 mL

Serum samples NOT acceptable.  Do Not use gel separator collection tubes.
Reference Values:
Within 3 Weeks
Ordering restricted to: Orthopedic surgeons, otherwise Biochemist Approval is required.
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More Information:
Do not centrifuge...whole blood sample required.  Specify Chromium Whole Blood in Clinical Details.  Store and send in original plastic trace element collection tube to In-Common Laboratories.   Store and send cold.