Laboratory: Hematology
Test Name:
Test Code: MISC
Clinical Information:
Test performed at:  Mayo Clinic.
PRIOR APPROVAL required, except Nephrologists and Hematologists.
Collection Devices:
Specimen Required:
Whole Blood: 3.6 mL
Pediatric Whole Blood: 1.8 mL

Sample must be sent to the lab immediately.
Plasma: 2.0 mL
Pediatric Plasma: 1.0 mL

Ordering physician to complete Coagulation Patient Information Sheet to accompany the test sample.
Specimen to be centrifuged and aliquoted 0.5 mL - 1.0 mL in each plastic tube, clearly labelled.  Sample must be sent to Mayo immediately.

Freeze samples at -20°C (-70°C preferred).
Reference Values:
See report.
Test must be approved by Director of Haemostasis or Director of Hematology Lab or Delegate, except Nephrologists and Hematologists
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More Information:
Sample must be approved by Laboratory Director prior to collection.  Sample must be double-spun; plasma frozen in two aliquots (0.5 (pediatric) - 1.0 mL (adult) in each aliquot).  Mayo Clinic Coagulation Patient Information sheet must be completed and sent with sample.  Frozen sample aliquots sent to Mayo Clinic on dry iceSample must be sent to Mayo immediately. Order under Mayo test code ADM13.
Please refer to the Coagulation Studies Information sheet for detailed instruction.