Laboratory: Clinical Microbiology
Test Name:
Test Code: GC
Clinical Information:
Test Indications:
Patients with suspected gonorrhoeae due to symptomatic urethral or cervical, discharge, rectal or pharyngeal complaints, at-risk sexual behavior, sexual assault or known exposure when culture is preferred over nucleic acid detection. This includes:
1. Suspected treatment failure
2. Disease acquired in a country with high resistance rates
3. Symptomatic man who has sex with men.
4. Rectal or pharyngeal gonorrhoeae
5. Sexual assault
6. Requirement for susceptibility testing
7. Suspected pelvic inflammatory disease

Specimens from women should include a cervical swab from women with a cervix, or vaginal vault swab for women without a cervix. Vaginal swabs are acceptable from pediatric female patients. Submit a urethral swab from adult and pediatric males, or women with suspected gonorrhoeae and predominantly dysuric symptoms. All patients who report receptive anal intercourse or women who have anorectal symptoms (regardless of anal sex history) should have rectal swabs submitted for culture. All patients with a history of receptive oral intercourse should have a throat swab submitted for culture. The performance of this test for transgendered populations is not known. Transgendered females should have both urethral and neovaginal (if present) swabs submitted with pharyngeal or rectal swabs as indicated above. Transgendered males should have a urethral, cervical (if present) or vaginal swab (if present and no cervix present) submitted with pharyngeal or rectal swabs as indicated above.

Patient Preparation Instructions:
Not applicable.
Collection Devices:
Preferred Device:
Alternate Device:
1 - eSwab  - Note that urethral swabs should be collected with the fine-tipped swab system to be fully inserted into the urethra.
Specimen Required: Adult:  Cervical swab (female with cervix), Vaginal vault swab (female without cervix), Urethral swab (all males and all  females with primarily dysuria as a symptom of gonococcal infection), Rectal swab, Throat swab
Pediatric:  Vaginal swab (female), Urethral swab (male), Rectal swab, Throat swab
Multiple sites may be sampled on separate swabs, particularly if there has been genital, oral and rectal exposure.
Reference Values:
Negative for Neisseria gonorrhoeae. If positive, a descriptive report will be provided.
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Specimen Handling:
Specimens should be received by test lab within 2 hours. If delayed transport is anticipated, refer to Cadham Provincial Laboratory for Nucleic acid detection or contact Shared Health microbiology for transport recommendations if culture is necessary. Ensure specimens are sent using appropriate packaging in accordance with Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulation.