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Laboratory: Clinical Microbiology
Test Name:
Clinical Information:
Test Indications:
A patient with symptoms of dysuria, frequency, urgency and occasionally suprapubic tenderness, in addition, patient may experience flank pain/tenderness with or without fever.

- Urine specimens obtained with the same collection method within 48 hours of receipt of the first specimen will be rejected as a duplicate specimen.
- Submit urine specimen using a BD Vacutainer Plus C&S preservative tube.
- Collection of midstream urine specimen should be avoided during menses.
- Never collect urine specimen from a bedpan or urinal.
- Please provide clinical information as age, gender, presence of symptoms and specimen type impact specimen work-up.
- Diagnostic Testing Recommendations for Investigation of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), including pediatric patients:

Patient Preparation Instructions:
- Obtain early morning specimens whenever possible or urine 4 hours from last micturition to decrease the number of false-negative results.
- Have the patient collect voided urine directly into a sterile leak-proof container, instructing the patient to not halt and restart the urinary stream but preferably move the container into the path of the already voiding urine.
- Female:  hold labia apart then begin voiding.
- Male (uncircumcised):  retract foreskin then begin voiding.
- Male (circumcised):  begin voiding.
-  Catheter urine:  using a needle and syringe, collect urine through the catheter port, after cleansing with alcohol.  Do NOT send urine obtained from a catheter bag.
-  Ileal conduit urine:  Remove the external device.  Cleanse the stoma with 70% alcohol followed by iodine.  Remove the iodine with 70% alcohol.  Insert a double catheter into the cleansed stoma to a depth beyond the fascial level and collect the urine.
Collection Devices:
BD Vacutainer Plus C&S preservative tube (grey top) used in conjunction with the sterile screw-cap collection cup with integrated transfer device.  The BD Vacutainer Plus C&S preservative tube maintains bacteria in urine specimen for 2 days at room temperature allowing for transport time.
Specimen Required:
Urine: 3.0 mL
Pediatric Urine: 3.0 mL

BD Vacutainer Urine Collection Device or Sterile specimen container that holds approx. 100mL
BD Vacutainer:  Minimum 3 mL as indicated by minimum draw line on tube.

Transport BD Vacutainer Plus C&S preservative tubes at ambient temperature.  Urine specimen submitted in container with boric acid preservative are stable at room temperature for 3 days, by which time they must be processed by the lab.
Testing Laboratory (MB): Health Science Center, St. Boniface Hosp., Westman Lab, The Pas Health Complex
Reference Values:
A descriptive report with quantitation will be provided.
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Specimen Handling:
Transport BD Vacutainer Plus C&S preservative tube at ambient temperature.
Transport sterile, leak-proof container (without preservatives) to the lab within 2 hours of collection, otherwise refrigerate for a maximum of 24 hours, by which time they must be received by the lab
Urine greater than 24 hours old not in preservative will not be processed.